'The Five Heartbeats' Is Coming To Broadway

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The Five Heartbeats, Robert Townsend's story about the trials and tribulations of a band of five talented guys in a musical group during the rise of Motown, is on its way to Broadway, Deadline exclusively reported.

The movie was released by 20th Century Fox back in 1991, and the documentary on the making of has been playing in both New York and Los Angeles this month to qualify for Oscar.

The Broadway play will “tell a similar story with music that people know from the movie, but there is a composer, Grammy-Award winner, a guy who has won some big awards who already said he will write an original song for us,” said Townsend. He told Deadline that he is in negotiations with a Broadway producer and is writing the Broadway play with Kennen Ivory Wayans,” his original partner on the The Five Heartbeats’ movie script.

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